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Claire Golba, staff writer

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Every since the Alter students came back from Thanksgiving break this past week, the Alter staff decided to give the students a bit of motivation for these final three weeks of the semester by playing some Christmas music in the mornings before first period.

The students really do appreciate the jolly jingles of the season as the holidays quickly approach and it begins to look a lot like Christmas.

The music is played over the PA system and allows the students all over the school to hear the Christmas music on their way to their first classes of the day. Not only does it put Alter students in the Christmas music, but it allows for them to enjoy themselves and jam as they start off their school day.

The music began playing on Monday, November 30 when the students and staff returned from break and the majority of people thought it was a fluke and one-time thing, but when the music continued to be played throughout the week, students realized that it was becoming a new tradition at Alter.

Something as simple as music can easily lighten the mood of the students and allow for them to enjoy the school day a little bit more and motivate themselves for the challenging final two weeks of the second quarter and, of course, the dreaded semester exams.

So far, the staff has successfully played a different well-known Christmas song each day, and hopefully they will not run out of songs before the semester exams.

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Jammin’ every morning