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We need our phones back

Caitlin Rogers, Staff Writer

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It is old news that we aren’t allowed to have our phones out anymore, (not that we were ever allowed to have them out) but there are still those times when we need our phones. For instance, when you have to text your parents to tell them your plans for the night, or to ask them a question (in the middle of class?). Also someone might need their phone if they forgot a calculator. You never know when the math problem might stump you. (That’s your problem)

Almost every student has used quizlet, and a lot of those even have the app on their phone to study (it’s always nice to use right before the Arber vocab quizzes) (or you could use the computer the school issues all students).

A phone is also a great distraction. You can use it to keep quiet, listen to music or play a game during study hall or free time (Or, again, use the computer the same way). We also have been going through several rough situations at Alter lately, and sometimes friends need to talk to those they are closest to, in free time of course.(Try email)

With restrictions of phones, many students have turned to other sources to talk to their friends on their computers, during class. When students were allowed (which they were NEVER allowed to do) to use their phones, instead of  during class when we’re “taking notes or “homework,” during free time was when students talked to their friends.

There are rumors about why we aren’t able to use our phones anymore, online bullying or inappropriate pictures, which is highly unacceptable. The class of 2016 can assure you that they are above that and can prove the the Alter administration, that the students have learned their lesson.  We can also assure the administration that if we were given the phone privileges back we wouldn’t miss use them like past years.  Even if the privileges were not given to all classes, it could be a part of “senior privileges”. If only given to seniors, it could be something that as a class as a whole can work towards. If given to all students, it could be a privilege to each class that they use it wisely not to get it taken away. Whether it is against the rules or not, some students will use their phones.

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We need our phones back