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The No Legging Rule

Grayson Miller, Staff Writer

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Alter has some pretty ridiculous rules that we all usually follow like the socks with shoes rule or no carrying an out of uniform sweatshirts around the school. The rules all apply to all the students at Alter except for one.

The girls are unable to wear leggings on out of uniform days. This leaves us only two options a) uncomfortable jeans or b) baggy sweatpants that make us look homeless. They don’t understand that leggings are a necessity for girls when it gets chilly out, it’s all we wear.

We understand why the rule was first made. One or two girls, NOT ALL, were wearing too thin of leggings which were very inappropriate.

What all the girls don’t understand is why it is unacceptable for us to wear thick athletic leggings with long shirts or sweatshirts.

Now the rule is sexist, the only reason we still have the rule is so the guys don’t get distracted by them. Why punish the girls when it’s an issue with the maturity of the boys, but if the girls are wearing the correct types of leggings there would be no issue.

There are certain teachers at this school who wear leggings on a daily basis, so how can the school expect us to follow the no legging rule when teachers don’t follow it themselves.

Last week, when the seniors had a whole week of out of uniform it was very hard to find outfits to wear since we only had two options. We would wake up and say “Do I want to look homeless all day or be uncomfortable.”

Some seniors chose to wear the thick athletic leggings with long shirts and did not get in trouble because it didn’t look inappropriate at all so no one noticed.

If you ask any girl at this school what they think of the no legging rule they would all say the same thing. Please let us wear leggings.

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The No Legging Rule